Warrior GBA ROM files

Warrior GBA ROM files

Enjoy WarioWare game with your kids

The game is that kind of thing which is loved by most of the people in this world. Moreover, the technology which is used to develop a game is improved very much. The graphics, designs, sounds; the story of the game is developed by the gaming experts. Nowadays indoor games also become very interesting. You can play video games by sitting on your bed. Gaming is like a fairy tale which is not real.  But in the virtual world, you can do all sorts of activities which you can’t do in your real life. You can be relaxed by playing a video game in your home. And when a game lover wins the game, that moment will be very special for him/her. Here, Warrior gba rom is one of the most interesting games that people have loved through ages.

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About The Game

WarioWare is basically a party game that is based on comedy. In Japan, another name is Warioware is Made in Wario. Nintendo is the publisher of this game and in 2003 it was released with Mega Microgame. At first, it was released for Game Boy Advance platform. From that time Warioware gba rom is in demand and Warrior gba most of the people love this comedy based party game. In Wario franchise, Nintendo R&D1 developed the first two games of this microgame series. And intelligent system co-developed the subsequent games of this series.

Basically, this series is the collection of microgames or minigames. These games are short and simple. The main plot of this game is the video game studio of WarioWare, Inc. Many friends were hired to develop these games. Here, new innovative technologies are used to develop these microgames.

Overview of the Game

If you fail to finish this game, then you have to lose a player’s life. Each of the microgames of this series hardly lasts for three to five seconds. These games are simple to play. In these games, the player has to do some actions. Those are picked a nose, pop a balloon, and zap a spaceship or collection of coins by Wario. In the progress of the game, the difficulty level and the speed of the game will be increased.

You will see that in this series, the microgames are connected with each other. In every level, the player only gets four chances. There are randomly appearing few boss games also which are relatively longer and complex than others. After completing these, a player can get his one life back when he lost his life after four losses. It consists of extra modes which are unlockable and also full minigames.  Additional modes come with the Warrior gba rom.

Wario’s friend developed the microgames for his company in Diamond City. But he was so greedy and didn’t pay to his friends even with the high success of these games. There is a short story behind every game of this series. And the stories are in a form of cutscenes and these are divided into two parts. The first part based on developer’s microgame stage and the second part follows after player’s beating stage.

The 5th Generation

During the fifth generation of a video game, the whole concept and the system of microgames and minigames was popularized through the world. After WarioWare was released on GBA i.e. Game Boy Advance, Nintendo has started to launch its own series with updated technologies.  The Warrior gba rom is like the 5th generation on steroids.

Story of the Game

In Diamond City, Wario lying on his bed and sees a report on the TV about Pyoro named video game has gained a huge amount of money. From that report, he gets an idea of making a video by to gain lots of money. Then he leaves his house with his bike to buy a laptop. Wario shifts to the headquarters of WarioWare, Inc. Wario established his own company but day by day he becomes lazy.

So that he requests his dearest friends to help him of making this video game. But in this project, Wario does not want to spend a huge amount of money. As a result, the whole team develops a lot of short and simple microgames instead of making a full volume game. WarioWare Inc Company had achieved a commercial success. But Wario takes all the money with him without paying to his employees and is even meaner to them in the Warrior gba rom.

About the Gameplay

This WarioWare series of the game consists of Over 200 microgames. There are some white and black figures in this game and before starting of the game some instructions are displayed on the screen. These are Pick, Dodge or Catch. There are three difficulty levels from lowest to highest.

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