The Epic History of the Wario Land rom Series

The Epic History of the Wario Land rom Series

The Epic Origin of the Wario Land rom Series

In 1993, the makers of Mario decided they wanted to make a Mario game, that was something a bit different. They didn’t want him to always be so selfless. The idea, was for him to want to go and do things for himself, and amass his own kingdom. They decided to keep Mario as a positive hero. The developers decided to create the perfect anti-hero of Mario instead. Wario was the polar opposite of Mario. They had no idea they were on the path to creating the legendary Wario Land rom series.

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Wario Makes Makes his Villainous Debut

Wario’s story begins as the main villain, and final boss of Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. His name is very close to the Japanese word “warui,” which means “bad.” He is greedy, to the point of absolute corruption. Personal and material gains are his only motivation in life. If something he does seems selfless or even noble, it is only to gain more treasure!

Over the span of a decade and a half, there have been a total of six games under the epic world of Wario Land rom. The first two titles, are similar in style to the Super Mario Bros titles. Wario has had countless misadventures around the world.

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 rom

Wario’s first game as the antihero, starts because he is trying to figure out how to buy a new castle. His rival Mario, claimed Wario’s old castle for himself. Wario plans to steal a golden statue of the Princess Toadstool, and sets out to search Kitchen Island. The statue ransom will bring enough gold coins, to buy Wario another castle. But to get to the statue, he will have to make his way through an island full of pirates. Mario makes another impacting appearance. It will once again frustrate both Wario, and the gamer!

The Wario Land rom was released in 1994, on the Nintendo Gameboy. It was then re-released in 2012 on the Nintendo 3DS. There are seven areas on kitchen island, that Wario must conquer. Each area has a boss, that must be defeated with different strategies. There are three helmets Wario can find. Each of them help defeat his enemies and overcome the obstacles of each stage. This was the first game that started the Wario Land rom series!

Virtual Boy Wario Land rom

Wario decides to take a vacation, in a land known as the Awazon river basin. He flies his seaplane and lands near a huge waterfall. While relaxing, he notices three people with masks enter the waterfall. This intriques Wario and he follows them in. Wario discovers the cave they went into and see’s that it’s full of treasure! The three others attack Wario, but he defeats them. He walks towards the treasure, and falls through a trap door. Furious, Wario must escape, but not without revenge. And not without their treasure as well!

This Wario Land rom was released on the Virtual Boy in 1995. There are few people that even know this exists. This is because the Virtual Boy system was unsuccessful by Nintendo standards. Because of this, the game and system are each very difficult to get a hold of. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford the expensive examples on eBay, you are in for a treat. It is a nostalgic look into the cutting edge technology, while enjoying another Wario Land rom classic.

There are fourteen stages that Wario needs to overcome. At the end of each stage, Wario unlocks the next elevator. But he must find the gate key, which are hidden within each level. There are only four bosses in this game, but plenty of treasure!

Wario Land 2 rom

Wario continues to battle those pesky pirates of the black sugar gang. They sneaked into his new castle and stole all his treasure while he was napping! Wario is not okay with this, and sets off on a journey to rescue his hard earned treasure. Wario’s greed brings him across the globe, as he chases the thieves. His final fight is in the fortress of Captain Syrup. He must defeat her again, or his treasure is all gone.

This Wario Land rom was released in 1998 on the Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Color. It was later re-released in 2012 on the Nintendo 3DS. There is a radical departure of play style, as Wario is now immortal. The lives system is gone, and he is instead altered when struck by enemies. Some of the effects are beneficial, while others are not.

There are five chapters, each with five stages. There are also six hidden chapters, each with an alternate ending! That means, there are eleven bosses. This is incredible versatility for a game, even by today’s standards.

Wario Land 3 rom

Wario is flying around looking for treasure. His greed to find some gold let him run out of gas and he crashed his plane near a cave! So he searched the cave, because caves always have treasures. He finds a music box, and tries to wind it up to see if it works. Maybe it is worth some gold.

Instead of music, Wario is teleported into a tiny little world inside the musicbox. It is full of nothing but angry monsters. He meets an Oracle who tells him he must defeat the monsters, to save the world. He figures that is the only way out. The Oracle has a nasty surprise for Wario when they meet again.

This Wario Land rom was released in 2000 on the Nintendo Gameboy Color, only. It was later re-released in 2012 on the Nintendo 3DS. The gameplay is like Wario Land 2. The mechanics follow the same strategy. If you’re attacked, you will have a reaction, depending on what hit you. There are a total of fourteen of these new abilities to enjoy.

There are four chapters, each with six stages. A total of eleven bosses are waiting to terrorize Wario throughout his adventure. There is a golf mini game, but you have to pay to play. The coins can be found throughout the game.

Wario Land 4 rom

Wario’s morning ritual consisted of reading a newspaper while picking his nose. When Wario reads about the Golden Pyramid, his greed kicks in. He decides that he must go find the pyramid and its treasure. Wario immediately hops in his car and speeds out of the city as fast as he can. His car narrowly misses running over a black cat. A newspaper flies up and hits the cat in the face.

You can make out the headlines that made Wario so excited. There was talk of a pyramid deep in the jungle and it had treasure with it! Wario is going to find it and it’s treasures. His uncanny ability to find gold, leads him to the pyramid. Once inside it, he’s looking for its treasure. He sees a black cat that leads him into a precipice. She jumps in, and he follows. He then has to fight his way from the bottom of the pyramid, against mummies and monsters. The black cat helps him throughout, and leads Wario to making a shocking discovery!

This Wario Land rom was released in 2001 on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. It was later re-released in 2012 on the Nintendo 3DS, and again in 2014 on the Nintendo Wii U console. This is the first game Wario has a life bar again. And would be the last game released on a handheld console.

There are 11 reactions when attacked in this game. Some are beneficial, and some are not. There are five chapters, with each being a section of the pyramid. There are six bosses, the last one being a Golden Diva, who controls the Golden Pyramid.

Wario Land: Shake it! 

Captain Syrup makes another appearance in Wario’s storyline. We watch her sneak into a museum, and search for treasure to steal. She has a little curiosity about an artifact called an Ancient Globe. Upon closer inspection, she realizes there is a world, within this globe!

As she watches, she learns about a bad guy named the Shake King who has stolen a legendary treasure. It is known as the Bottomless Coin Sack! Captain Syrup wanted it for herself, but decides its too dangerous. She decides to trick Wario into getting it for her.

This Wario Land rom was released in 2008 on the Nintendo Wii. My favorite development, is that this game is completely hand drawn. Each action of a character takes an average of 30 frames. There are 6000 frames of enemy patterns. The developers brought outsider help to assist with game development of the animations.

The controls are traditional A/B  and directional pad. An extra input is available with the Wii’s motion controllers. By shaking the controller, Wario can perform a ground pound. There are other special attacks and modifiers, that you will learn as you play. There are five continents in this game. Each continent has five stages and a boss. The final boss is the Shake King, who has the Bottomless Coin Sack.


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