Wario land 3 ROM

Wario land 3 ROM

The Main Story Behind Wario Land 3 Game

There are many people in this world who are the game lovers. You can be certainly relax by playing a video game. It is like a fairy tale which one would never experience in real life. Some action you can’t do in reality, but in action video games you can easily do that. You will love the technology in today’s video games. In the game you will see the latest graphics, sounds and designs. So, Wario land 3 rom is one of the interesting video games, which you can play for fun.

Mario land gameplay screenshot

About The Game

Another name of Wario Land 3 is Wario Land 3: The Mysterious Music Box. In 2000, this video game is released for game boy advance. In the series of Wario Land game, this game was released in the fourth installment. Nintendo R&D1 is the developer and Nintendo is the publisher of the game.  This game was released for several platforms and those Wario land 3are a virtual console (Nintendo 3DS) and game boy color. In Wario land 3 rom, 2 dimensional (2D) graphics are the types of graphics you will see. Single player is the mode of this game. The story of the game is based on the music box world. Wario wants to achieve five music boxes from the music box world. And by this, the game continues.

The Main Story of the Game

Once upon a time, Wario crosses over the wood with his plane and suddenly he finds a strange cave. He notices a music box in the cave. When he goes close to the box to watch it, the magical box suddenly sucks Wario. In the mysterious music box, Wario finds out, from a curious figure, that he is a god. His magical power has been sealed by an evil power inside five music boxes and that’s why he can’t protect the world. The god promises Wario to send back him in his own world if he finds the music boxes. Including that the God tells that the treasure which Wario collects from the land he can keep those with him. Therefore after that Wario starts for his mission to find the music boxes and treasures in the music box world.

After  all the music boxes are in Wario’s possession, he returns to the temple. When all the music is played from the five music boxes, the sealed figure will be set free by the song. And the figure turns into an evil power Rudy the Clown. Then he tries to defeat the evil power Rudy. And finally, he has succeeded in his mission and get back to his own world with all the treasure he has collected from the land.

Gameplay of Wario Land 3

In the game, Wario transforms into many variations which are Wario’s reaction when he touches the enemy.  Finally at the end of the game Wario has to fight with the final boss Rudy the Clown and if Wario defeats the game will be over.

In progress of the game, Wario has to find the treasures from the land. The map of the music world has several levels with additional levels in a Wario land 3 rom. The player can get into any level and leave at any time as depending on his mood. From the starting map icon, the player can get to know where he has to go next. You will see a four color-coded treasure item on each level. To collect the treasures the player has to go to the levels several times at the different time of the game. The player has to solve the puzzle for collecting the treasures. Finally  once he completes a level the daytime turns to night and the night will become  day.

You will see that there are nine power-ups in the gameplay and more in the Wario land 3 rom. And those are swim fins, glove with superpower II, jumping boots, garlic, prince frog’s gloves and four more. There are four levels in the game- north, west, south, and east. The north, west and south levels consist of six sublevels and east level include seven sublevels.

The Items and Blocks of Wario Land 3

Additionally there are four items that Wario can be achieved in the game and he can get musical Coin, keys, coin and color coins. Normal coins he collects in each level and ten normal coins is the cost of one color coins. By the keys, Wario can open the treasure boxes.

Bosses of the Wario Land

The first boss of volcano’s base is baby doll whom Wario has to defeat to enter into the next level and In the final level, Wario has to defeat Rudy the Clown in the temple.

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