Wario Land 2 rom is a classic story about saving the princess… I mean, his treasure.

Wario Land 2 rom is a classic story about saving the princess… I mean, his treasure.

The story of Wario Land 2 rom, is groundbreaking!

The game begins in Wario’s Castle. While Wario is taking a nap, the player sees three shadows from outside. They turn out to be Pirate Gooms, members of Black Sugar, and Minions of Captain Syrup! They break into the castle, attack his guards, and steal all Wario’s treasure. To confuse Wario of what is happening, they make a giant mess of his castle on their way out. What a great way to set up the story in Wario Land 2 Rom. 
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When Wario wakes up, he realizes what has happened. But he can’t pursue them without cleaning up his castle first. Once he has sorted the mess out, he begins to pursue the pirates. But they have a trick up their sleeve. They scare away his beloved pet hen. They are hoping he will choose to rescue her, instead of chase them. Once Wario rescues the hen, he resumes his pursuit of those pirate thieves!
Wario manages to reach the pirate ship before they can set sail. He is able to drop the anchor, and the ship halts. Now having to fight the ship guard Bobo, Wario can’t stop the pirates from leaving on a hot air balloon.
Wario chases them through a series of levels. One of them is a forest we call the Maze Woods. He battles a giant spear man, to continue deeper into the forest.  Before he leaves, Wario fights his way through a swarm of killer bees!
Now out of the forest, he continues his chase, into an urban city full of hostile creatures. As he tries to leave he must to play a basketball match with a tough bunnie named Dunk.
Wario must make his way through each of these hostile environments. Wario is now finally able to reach the Syrup Castle, and he breaks into the fortress! Once Wario defeats the pirates, he is able to confront the pirate leader herself. After he defeats Captain Syrup, he destroys her aircraft. But more importantly, Wario recovers all his treasure. He is then able to return home, and resume his nap.

Chapters, stories, and secret endings

The game consists of five main chapters, each with five stages called stories. As each chapter is completed, the player can continue to the next. Once the player completes the game, Wario picks up his treasure map.
With this map, the player can now choose each individual level they want to visit. The game includes six alternate endings! These are found in each chapter of the game. The treasure map lets you go back and find them, one by one. Each ending has its own chapter of stories that you must play through.
I think this is one of the most interesting concepts of Wario land 2 rom. When they are all counted, there are five normal chapters, and six secret chapters! 

Game play tips and tricks

Notably, Wario can not die in this game. He simply loses gold that he acquires throughout the game. Some of his enemies can cause effects on him, which can be a blessing or a curse. Other effects will actually knock him out of battle, and he’ll have to start that stage over.
Standard controls are used, for walking and jumping. Yet, the directional pad should be used for nearly all actions! If you hold up while jumping, Wario jumps higher! Using this technique, the player can jump much higher onto an enemy. If you jump on an enemy and stun them, you can pick them up, and throw them as well! This can be used to defeat the other enemies. If the directional pad is pressed down while on a slope, Wario can perform a rolling attack. This can be used to break blocks, and defeat the enemy. 
One notable feature, you don’t need Bull Pots anymore, to perform ground pounds! These create a shock wave, that is able to push the enemies back and even defeat them. 

The Bosses of Wario Land 2 rom

The first boss is a giant snake down in Wario’s cellar. He has to defeat this snake to go to the next level. The pirates left it there to keep Wario busy while they escaped.
The second boss is bobo the ship guard. He slows Wario down enough for the pirates to escape with all his treasure on the hot air balloon.
The third boss is a giant bee on the edge of the forest. Wario is the forest until he defeats this giant pest, and it’s minions!
The fourth boss is a giant bunnie, that goes by the name of Dunk. Wario must beat him in a basketball game, as he’s making his way out of the city.
The final battle is against Captain Syrup! She’s the leader of the thieves who stole his treasure, and he will have to defeat her to get it back!
I will leave out the secret bosses because I dont want to spoil the surprises that they have in store for you. Besides, they are more fun to discover as you play through Wario land 2 rom, yourself. 

When was the original release of Wario Land 2 rom?

In Japan, the game was released as Wario Land 2: The Stolen Treasure. It was developed by Nintendo R&D1. They are known as the first developers in the video game segment, so this one has some old school roots.
In March 1998, the game was released by Nintendo. It was released for various platforms, but started only on the Game Boy. It was later on Game Boy Color, and Virtual Console. In the Wario Land series, this is the third installment. It is only single player, so you’ll have to take turns if you feel like sharing. 

My thoughts

Throughout the history of video games, there has always been a craze for action video games. In today’s gaming world, the games have become more and more extreme in every way. They are faster, and harder. They are much more complex, all while having over the top expectations. The challenges make it much more rewarding to win, but the same is true for the frustrations of losing.
Instead of spending our time in anguish, we go back to the games we loved from a simpler time. To some people, those are more than a game. They are a friendly enjoyment that can withstand the test of time and evolution of other games. Wario land 2 rom is one of those amazing games that manages to keep its charm to this day.

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